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Transporting Your Motorcycle

Whether you're intending to order or sell a motorcycle, it's essential to recognize how to safely ship a motorbike for long distances. In most cases, hiring a delivery company that specializes in Motorcycle Shipping is the best selection.

Finding a Shipping Company

First, review Motorcycle Shipping companies in your area. Obtain rate quotes from three or more transportation companies.

The price relies on the distance it must travel, the type of motorcycle you own, the departure date, and the shipping procedure. Some services also add service charges or handling fees to your order.

Many Motorcycle Shipping companies require customers to pay the total balance prior to the motorcycle is moved. The best idea is to pay a deposit at the time of your service order, with the remaining balance due upon drop off, so you'll have some negotiating power if anything goes wrong.

Comprehending Open and Enclosed Delivery You'll be asked to select between open and enclosed transport. Open hauling is more often than not recommendation the less expensive alternative. If you're shipping your bike more than 500 miles, however, enclosed delivering is mostly suggested. They put the bike into a container or strap it to a pallet and load it into an enclosed carrier. This strategy offers increased support and helps shield your bike from snow, rain or other potentially damaging weather.

Door-to-Door Delivery You may hear of some Motorcycle Shipping services promising door-to-door moving services. However, this does not necessarily mean that the motorbike will arrive directly at your door. Since the carriers used to move bikes can be up to (75) feet long, they easily cannot travel to some residential areas. You might be needed to meet the driver at a nearby mall, grocery store, school, or large service parking lot.

Insurance The delivery service is expected to be insured against damage or theft to your motorbike. However, to cover yourself, request to see a copy of its insurance coverage before you validate anything. Some businesses will pay all costs, while others will ask you to pay a deductible if anything happens to your bike throughout hauling.

Your personal insurance might also protect your bike while the transportation procedure. Call your shipper's customer service branch to substantiate the data of this coverage.

Safely Transporting Your Motorcycle

Some companies prepare your bike for you with their door-to-door Motorcycle Shipping service. For others, you may have to get your motorcycle ready.

  • Clean your motorbike and make a note of any existing damage for insurance reasons. For extra security, take pictures.
  • Remove all personal property from your bike's saddlebags and under-seat compartment.
  • If you've installed a security system on your motorbike to prevent theft, unarm it so it doesn't go off during transportation.
  • Survey to make certain all tires are adequately inflated.
  • Check for fuel leaks.
  • Fold in the side mirrors and secure the handlebars.
  • Leave your bike in neutral. You should never haul a motorcycle while in gear, since an engaged transmission can cause internal harm.
  • If you are favoring to have your motorbike shipped in a crate, drain the gas tank and remove the battery.

Preliminary To you turn your motorbike over to the delivering service, ask for a copy of the pre-trip inspection account. Motorcycle Shipping companies are required to utilize reports that incorporate pick-up and hauling information, as well as the bike's mileage and a report of its present condition.