What is door-to-door transport?
With door-to-door Motorcycle Shipping, you don’t have to go to a terminal to ship your vehicle or accept delivery. We pick motorcycles up at residences, offices or any other place you designate. (Pickup and delivery is subject to accessibility and local laws.)

What forms of payment does The Motorcycle Shipping Company accept?
You may pay by submitting your MasterCard, Visa Card or American Express Card number before pickup or you may pay at delivery with a cashier’s check, money order or cash. Credit cards are charged only after pickup.

How do I get an Motorcycle Shipping quote?
To get a quote, use our simple Quote form.

How do I book a shipment?
Call The Motorcycle Shipping Company to schedule your shipment or download the order form to fax your order. We are available 24/7 to take your order!

Can I specify a pickup and delivery date?
Generally, we require a seven-day window for pickups, depending on location. For an additional fee, The Motorcycle Shipping Company offers date-specific pickup and delivery.

How long will delivery take?
Dispatch times vary depending on origin and destination locations. For an accurate transit time quote, please use the simple quote form. It is important to remember, drivers are limited by law to a specific number of miles and hours per day. Other variables that may affect transit times include deliveries along the way, severe weather and road conditions.

Can I pack personal items in my bike?
This practice is discouraged. Additional items may shift during transit, damaging the motorcycle’s interior. The Motorcycle Shipping Company is not liable for any damage caused to/by loose items during transit. Additional contents may also block the driver’s view when loading your bike or add additional weight to the motorcycle. For more information on packing your motorcycle, visit our Transport Tips page.

Does The Motorcycle Shipping Company ship inoperable or unusual motorcycles and extra parts?
Yes. We regularly ship motorcycles and inoperable bikes and specialize in shipping unusual motorcycles, including antique, specialty and classic motorcycles. Inoperable motorcycles must roll and steer and can be shipped for an additional $100 fee. Extra parts are accepted on a case-by-case basis, and an additional fee may apply.

How should I prepare my motorcycle for shipment?
Please refer to our Transport Tips when preparing your car for shipment.

How can I track my shipment or get a shipment update?
To track your vehicle or get an update on your motorcycle’s status, contact your selected broker or carrier.